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On the high altitudes of 12, 000 to14, 000 feet in the Himalayans lives the Capra Hircus goat. At such heights the goat survives the cold weather during the winter season, by developing a short fine inner coat of hair, which has over the centuries proven to be a superior fiber. One of secrets behind the Himalayan mountain goat hair is the thickness, 15 microns (to be compared with the human hair of 75 microns).

During the spring time, the ultra soft and fleecy hair from the chest, neck and the under-belly is hand-combed and collected. This fine hair is delicately processed into fine yarn of cashmere wool, the most luxurious wool in the world.

There is no doubt that cashmere is the gem of all fabrics, prized by rulers and royals for hundreds of years, since it provides unique qualities such as: softness, warmth, lightweight, lasting, as well as stunning colors. These qualities ultimately offer the wearer of cashmere an extraordinary feeling of quality, comfort, beauty, elegance and luxury.