Who We Are

About Tara Oriental

Tara Oriental is an industry lead when it comes to cashmere design, manufacturing and statement collection of knit & woven wear. We are an inter-generational family business, with three strong pillars taking the work and vision forward. Tara Oriental is rooted in 3 strong pillars and is unique in being a first generation business with over 20 years of experience, now going through a transition to the next generation.

Rooted in
3 strong pillars

The work was first started by Mr. Anin Rajbhandari who established the business with his entrepreneurial vision, he continues to oversee overall operations of the processing unit along with logistics & management.Mrs. Jolly Rajbhandari has grown the business to scale heading the sales and PR engagement. Ms. Anushka Rajbhandari, their daughter, is now back in Nepal with her vision to retain the core values of Tara Oriental and to take it to the next level with her experience, exposure and unique eye for design.

Who we
work with

We follow a business-to-business B2B model, supplying customers who are wholesalers, boutique owners and refined fashion houses across Europe and the Americas.